La Locanda di MarcelloLa Locanda di Marcello is located in Melia, a small village belonging to the municipality of San Roberto, in the province of Reggio Calabria. Melia is located about 645 meters above sea level and is located within the territory of the National Park of Aspromonte, an institution responsible for the protection and preservation of a vast area of Calabria that represents an heritage of great natural value and guardian of ancient knowledge and traditions. La Locanda di Marcello also has the special feature of these unique places, to be especially close to mountain, as to the seaside town. It’s so easy to reach in a short time both the Aspromonte mountain with its peaks, waterfalls, trees and the characteristic species of flora and fauna, and th sea resorts that are located a few kilometers away on the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, overlooking the Strait of Messina with their beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea.


Aspromonte National Park
The Aspromonte National Park covers an area of ​​approx. 65,000 hectares and includes 37 municipalities within the province of Reggio Calabria. The special climatic conditions enjoyed by the territory
favor an environment rich in biodiversity and enable the development of a wide variety of plant and animal species. Next to the treasure of inestimable value, the Park is also a guardian of cultures and traditions that for centuries
are the essence of this land. Along the picturesque trails that in some points seem to join the sea to the mountains, you can find places where techniques and ancient wisdom still survive and passed on.

The Violet Coast

The Violet CoastThe Violet Coast is the stretch of the Calabrian coast, which extends for about 40 miles through the towns of Scilla, Bagnara Calabra, Palmi and Seminara just north of Reggio Calabria. So named for the color assumed by the sea in certain climatic conditions, the Violet COast is distinguished by being a part of coast of rare beauty, full of sandy beaches dominated by the green peaks of the Aspromonte and places rich of historical and cultural interest such as the Castle of Ruffo and the ancient fishing village of Chianalea in and Ruggiero Tower and the Castle Emmarita in Bagnara Calabra.
Reggio Calabria – City of ancient origins, Reggio Calabria today introduced a modern urban layout, with Art Nouveau buildings in the historic city center and the wonderful Promenade Falcomatà, a long walk to see the Straits of Messina with the background the volcano Etna. Even today, there are the remains of the Greek walls and Roman baths and the National Museum of Magna Grecia houses a vast collection of exhibits dedicated to Ancient Greece, including the famous Bronzi di Riace.
Villa San Giovanni – A twenty-minute ride from Locanda di Marcello there is Villa San Giovanni, a small town on the Strait of Messina and the departure point for the ferry to Sicily.


AspromonteGambarie d’Aspromonte – A few kilometers away from the Locanda di Marcello is the location of Gambarie d’Aspromonte, renowned ski resort situated at 1,350m. above sea level, much appreciated for the views of the Straits of Messina and the Aeolian Islands that can be seen during ski runs. For nature lovers, hiking enthusiasts and trekkers Gambarie is the starting point for many excursions to discover the natural wonders and historical points of interest of Aspromonte, as the Caves of Tremusa and the Lake Rumia, the beautiful Maesano Waterfalls and the famous Cippo of Garibaldi and the beautiful trails that lead to the top of Montalto, the peak of the Aspromonte with its 1,955m. above sea level.
Scilla and the Village of Chianalea – Known since the times of Homer, Scilla is now a popular seaside resort frequented by thousands tourists coming from all over the world during summer, attracted by its beautiful beaches, but also interesting from historical and artistic point of view for the finds and the evidence of its long history, first of all the Castle of Ruffo of Calabria that from the high rock dominated the panorama of the Strait of Messina for centuries. At the foot of the Castle there is one of the entrances to the ancient village of Chianalea, counted among the most beautiful villages in Italy for its narrow streets passable only on foot, and the houses overlooking the sea. Scilla and the village of Chianalea are located about ten miles away from the Locanda di Marcello.